The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli | Book Review

Rating: 9/10

Format: Paper Book – Library (Later Purchased in Paper Book)

Buy it Here:  The Upside of Unrequited

Molly is a girl after my own heart. If I was in high school right now, I would be Molly. She’s crafty, chubby, not really willing to be rejected, and the only virgin in her group of friends. When her twin sister gets a serious girlfriend for the first time, and becomes determined to get Molly to boyfriend-up, things begin to get complicated.

Reading this book was like being in my own head. Maybe it means I’m totally basic, or have the mind of a high schooler, but I don’t care. From the mention of Steven Universe in the first chapter (my favorite show ever), to her anxiety and panic attacks, all the way to the experience of worrying that the person you’re crushing on can see your fat rolls. Molly, I feel you with my whole heart.

With cleanly fleshed characters, an accurate amount of swearing for teenagers, lesbian moms, an inappropriate grandma, and a baby for the sheer cuteness factor, I just– I can’t with how much I enjoyed this book.

The tension in this book was well done– I didn’t feel like anyone was villainized, which is really how life goes. It’s not necessary for someone to be a total sociopath for there to be conflict in a story, and that seems to be true in so much YA these days. Cassie makes decisions that we maybe can’t understand from Molly’s point of view, but she never does anything truly intentionally cruel.

The careful handling of the shift in the twins’ relationship when romances are added was masterful and sweet. Molly’s fear and sense of loss of her twin was more compelling than the romance, and that is A-ok with me. Especially since the romance itself was pretty darn compelling.

REID! REID YOU PRECIOUS CREATURE. I loved watching their relationship bloom into a friendship, and then more. I loved that her crush on him snuck up on her. I love that he wears Lord of the Rings tees. I was cheering for him from the moment we met him and found out he’s “husky,” and has offputting sneakers. DUDE I FEEL YOU.

I promise I will stop yelling about this book. Someday. Probably not today and not during this post.

This book made me laugh and cry just a little. It will have a special spot on my shelf for years to come.

Subjective Hearts: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5

Objective Hearts: ♥♥♥♥ 4/5 (I feel like I have to note here that one of the things that I love about this book– that it’s deeply rooted in the pop culture of the here and now– is what I think will prevent it from being a true classic. It’s a brilliant, sweet book that deserves to be read, but a lot of its poignancy will be lost with its references.)

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