The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien | Book Review

Rating: 9/10

Format:  Audio-book – Owned

Buy it Here: The Hobbit

I’m starting with my only critique of this book: WHERE ARE THE FEMALES?! I’m not sure there was a single female character in this story. I’m serious, guys. It’s ridiculous. I know it was 1937 but for goodness sakes. I am fairly certain women existed. In this book it’s easier to believe in Elves and Dragons than a single female with a line of dialogue.

I just had to let that go, and go along for the ride.

I loved the storytelling, I loved listening to the songs on the audio-book (I strongly suggest the audio-book, it’s so much fun to have this story told to you. In fact I may finally conquer the whole LOTR trilogy via audio-book!) I loved the settings, and the lush descriptions. I adored meeting characters I knew from seeing the LOTR movies.

Bilbo is an incredibly funny and relatable character. I think we all feel like Bilbo in our hearts sometimes. Adventure would be fun and interesting, but do you know what’s really interesting? My BED. Bilbo, I feel you on that. So many times horrible things would be happening and Bilbo would think about breakfast. It’s so true. Bilbo proves that Hufflepuffs can be brave.

I loved how no one in this book was all-powerful. Gandalf is a wizard, but he’s fallible, weird, and not overly magical. The Dwarves may be strong, but they have their limits.

I haven’t watched the Hobbit movies, but I truly hope there’s as much singing and speaking in unison as there is in the book. I also wonder how the movies managed to separate all of the Dwarves. Because there were a few of them I was able to tell apart or describe by the end, but for the most part, they appeared in my imagination as a troupe of identical Gimlis.

The portion with Gollum and the riddles was probably my favorite, even though the narrator made it positively horrifying to listen to. I admit I didn’t catch on to any of the riddles as quickly as Bilbo! Or even as quickly as Gollum. I really should be ashamed of myself, haha.

This is a well-deserved classic and I’m glad to have finally taken it in. Pick up the audio-book if you can so you can enjoy the songs!

Subjective Rating: 4/5

Objective Rating: 5/5

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