Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst | Book Review

Rating: 5/10

Format: Paper Book – Owned

I am a sucker for an LGB love story. An absolute sucker. With that in mind, you have to know how sad I was when this book was the sucker. How sad? SO SAD.

I could write several pages bashing this book to pieces, but to save myself, and you, valuable time, I have done this review in bullet points:

  • The characters are flat, especially any secondary characters. Dennaleia is supposedly engaged to this prince and I could not name a single personality attribute of his. He’s just a Nice Guy(TM, and ew).
  • Their names are ridiculous. Everyone has a RIDICULOUS name. I’m fairly certain the author used this site to choose her names. I’m cool with fantasy names. That makes sense. But Dennaleia, Amaranthine, and Thassadlidiansom (or whatever the Prince’s name was, I don’t remember because both he and his name were hard to remember).
  • I have zero understanding of how their belief systems work. The cursing they do is the closest we get to understanding their theological lives, which seems kind of important becaaaause:
  • Magic is BAD, it’s definitely BAD. Do we know why? No, no we do not. Oh, yeah, and Dennaleia is magical, but her magic is pretty vague and hand-wavey.
  • Someone got murdered, and the council basically said, “Yeah, let’s not investigate that. Let’s just make some assumptions.” Ummm…?
  • There’s some kind of uprising, and the Wild Princess(TM) knows about it, but doesn’t seem too concerned?

I wanted to love this book. I did. Even the romance, which was actually not that painful (still slightly painful, “I didn’t know you felt the same way!” *flutters*) was upsetting because, hi guys, maybe you should mention your relationship to this Prince guy? You know, your brother and your fiance? Why again do they hide this? It seemed to me like they could have gone public and it might have been okay. It’s not like the Prince was all over Dennaleia– the betrothal could have been changed, I think. The other annoying part of this is that they’re so bad at hiding it; it’s like they’re not even trying. Seriously.

This book took me forever to get into, and I just was not impressed. I wish I could recommend it but I just can’t.

Subjective Hearts: 3/5

Objective Hearts: 2/5


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