Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson | Book Ramble

Rating: 9/10

Format: Audio-Book – Library

Buy it Here:  Words of Radiance: Book Two of the Stormlight Archive

*takes a deep breath* Okay guys. Okay. Our boy Sanderson writes books that could easily be used as weapons. A LOT HAPPENS in this book. So it’s time to gather my thoughts and try to put together something vaguely legible RE: these 1087 pages.

Spoilers Ahead! Because reviewing this book is hard enough without trying to avoid spoilers. I’m sorry this review is basically just word vomit and rambly nonsense, but maybe I’ll come back in 20 years when the whole series is done and make something sensible. One can dream! Onward!

PS: It’s also possible I’ve misspelled some names. I listen to the audio-books of these, and even though I look up the spellings, I sometimes end up spelling them how they sound to me anyway.

Jasnah is not dead. I have decided she’s not, and I won’t agree that she is, and that’s that. She’s still alive and no one has to be sad. She’s just taking a break, OKAY?!

Yeah, Jasnah is probably dead and that made me extremely distraught. Now that I’ve finished the book I get narratively how it had to happen so Shallan could be her own person and become self-sufficient, but. Jasnah though. I will miss her and her brilliant take-no-BS sass.

My boyfriend and I watch a lot of scifi and fantasy. I’ve taken to shouting “behead him!” because inevitably if you don’t FOR SURE behead someone, they’re not dead. Also, our heroes tend to be merciful, and I get that, I do. Really though, just leaving them tied up somewhere for wolves to get them or whatever is not much more merciful than lobbing off their head. I don’t know, IRL I’m the squishiest plant-based scaredy-cat, so I sincerely doubt beheading is in my future, but come on, fantasy protagonists. Beheading, just embrace it. No more of this “well I cut off his arm so he must be dead,” thing (Lookin’ at you, movie version of The Hobbit).

Where was I going with that? Yes, SADEAS. I spent most of this book yelling at Adolin to get with the beheading. I was basically the queen of hearts, guys. AND HE DID IT! ADOLIN YOU CHAMP! I was SO SHOCKED and SO PLEASED. I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted him to do the whole coverup that he did. No jury of his peers would convict him. I’m not really sure that’s how their justice system works, but hey.

This review is a mess already, so I’m just going to keep going. LIFT, how precious is she and how excited am I to read Edgedancer?! So excited. Usually the interludes lose my interest because I desperately want to know what happens to all the characters I care about. If you put me into an interlude, not only are you not telling me what happened to Kaladin and Shallan, you’re introducing me to new strangers– whose story I will never hear the rest of! Wtf, Sanderson, wtf. This is why I don’t usually read short stories. It’s just not enough– I like being fully immersed. Really, in general, these books are a great fit for that, because as I said in my review of Way of Kings, Sanderson puts us through full immersion, which is why the interludes feel so weird. In this case though, we will see more of Lift, Yay!

I did read Warbreaker before I started these books.  I kept reading that they’re related, and that stuff overlaps. I will admit I had to look it up later. Guys, the shared character doesn’t go by the same name. Why would I have thought he was the same dude?! Some of you delightful Sandersonites are in this deep. I am legitimately impressed with you. I thought he was some rando discussing color magic.

Kaladin made me slightly crazy in this book, because wow, I know he really is just a kid (he’s like 20. He is a smol, beensy, precious baby child), but he was so emo. Ughhh life is so hard, meeeeeeeh, I don’t wanna test out my new powers, bleeeeeeh I need revenge on Amaran. Exhausting, Kaladin. You’re exhausting. Does Amaran suck? Of course he does, dude. He sucks. He’s way worse than Sadeus, at least Sadeus is (WAS, WAS! HE’S GONE!) at least Sadeus was open about his grossness. But for real, did you have to call him out at exactly the wrong time? You were doing so well. You got out of bridge crew, most of your peeps are alive, you saved Adolin’s life. Then you blew it. Totally blew it.

Here’s the other thing, Kaladin, my bro: Syl is some kind of magical being who’s been doing her best to help you. Maybe you should take her advice. Maybe when she tells you this revenge thing is a bad idea you should listen? hmmmm? Nah, never mind. Just keep being terrible. Also he’s got his backward eye racism going on. Not that reverse racism is actually a thing in the real world– it’s completely not. But Kaladin is going a little far with his light-eyed problem. Obviously dark-eyed people should not be oppressed, but all light-eyed people aren’t terrible, my dude. We know this because we hang out with Shallan and Dalinar all the time. Not that they’re perfect or realize their privilege as light-eyed folk. It doesn’t mean Kaladin doesn’t need to chill on the outright hatred.

Dalinar continues to be Dalinar. He’s got a lot of feelings. It was incredibly fun to watch him and Kaladin try to out-honor one another. So adorable of them. They’re so used to being surrounded by garbage people it doesn’t compute for them.

Next point: I love making predictions about what’s going to happen in books, movies, TV shows. Sometimes I’m awesome at it, sometimes I get everything SUPER wrong. I’m putting it down here, team: Adolin is toast, and Shallan and Kaladin are going to fall in love. I could be totally off, but that’s what I’m putting my emerald broams on. Feel free to make fun of me if I’m totally off base. I expect praise and flowers for correct predictions though. So, just be prepared, yeah?

PATTERN is adorable. Pattern and Syl should be besties. Also I can’t wait for Dalinar to get a tiny friend to follow him around. Seriously, he needs like a bitty teddy bear or something. My boyfriend has rejected the idea of him having a flamingo. Apparently that is just too absurd. I maintain that it’d be hilarious and awesome.

I actually really enjoyed getting to know the Parshendi more, and getting to see the night that Gavilar was killed. It was incredibly enlightening and gave me a lot to think about RE: our assassin friend and our red friends.

All in all, Words of Radiance is a brilliantly crafted tapestry. If my only complaint is that I miss my characters when Sanderson throws in interludes, the book did pretty darn well. I enjoyed this one more than the first one, most likely because I knew who the characters were going in and didn’t have to spend time trying to remember everyone’s name. It’s a fantasy epic that people are going to be reading for a long time.

Subjective Hearts: 5/5

Objective Hearts: 4/5

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