This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab |Book Review

Rating: 7/10

Format: Audio-Book – Library

Buy it Here:  This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity)

Teammates, I won’t lie to you, I likes me some Schwab. She writes creative, interesting books and this is no exception. In a divided city filled with real monsters (three discrete types of real monsters, don’t get them mixed up) there’s conflict brewing, and it could turn into full blown war with a tiny spark.

Enter our precious protagonists, Kate and August. Our non-romantic Romeo and Juliet for the tale. Did I like a book with no romance? Yes. Somehow. Somehow I did that thing. I will tell you why. Because These two crazy kids are building a real relationship. They’re building trust, which is really important for the heirs of the two major powers in the city. Both of whom are just itching for a reason to strike.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a love story. I also hate it when a character shows up and suddenly they can’t be separated because love. Um, guys, no. That’s not how relationships work. One of my biggest pet peeves in the whole wide world. Kate and August don’t have that problem.

The two of them navigate high school, several attempted murders, and betrayal on all levels, and desperately trying to prevent a war in their city. All of this while managing not to kill one another. Despite the fact that our friend August is a Sunai, a monster who makes music to steal souls, and Kate is the daughter of an incredibly terrifying mob boss who hates and enslaves monsters. It’s legitimately touching. Kissing does not a good relationship make, my friends.

I will say that this book did not blow my mind. Schwab is an incredibly gifted author, but this is not my favorite thing I’ve ever read of hers. I will definitely pick up the sequel, but I wouldn’t give this a super-strong recommendation. There were moments when I found it hard to follow because of all the monster names (and because they sound like the vampire names from Vampire Academy, Morai and Strigoi and Corai and Sunai– who’s to say which is a vampire and which is a monster?) Once I caught on to that it was much easier. I enjoyed it but it wasn’t anything amazing.

Subjective Hearts: 4/5

Objective Hearts:  3/5

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