Renegades by Marissa Meyer | Book Review

Rating: 7/10

Format: Audio-book – Library

Superheroes and Villains come to life in Meyer’s newest work. I really enjoyed the Lunar Chronicles and adored Heartless. Superheroes are difficult to get right, they really are. Too much and they’re hokey and nonsensical, too little and it becomes dark and boring. I will say that Renegades leans toward the hokey side, but not to the point that it put me off. There were other things that certainly put me off, but we’ll get there.

Nova is six when her parents and baby sister are murdered by a gang. This wasn’t supposed to happen– their family was under the protection of The Renegades. As tiny Nova hides from the murderers, she waits for The Renegades. They do not come. When Nova’s uncle comes to collect her, she clings to him and everything he stands for. His name? Ace Anarchy, the city’s most dangerous super villain.

It’s a pretty darn good hook, I say. Nova grows up into a masked villainess called Nightmare– she never sleeps, and can put anyone to sleep with just a touch. Since she never sleeps, she’s had time to cultivate a truly impressive array of skills, including knitting, astronomy, aaaand inventing and fighting. She’s quite the force to be reckoned with, and the Renegades have killed her last living family– her uncle.

So, when her Villain team decides she should go undercover, she joins the Renegades as the superhero “Insomnia.” The renegades are basically a combo government/policeforce, but with more capes. She’s determined to avenge her uncle. But what happens when being a villain starts making less and less sense and her team leader is obviously crushing on her?


Mostly a ton of lying by everyone involved, which as any of you who read my blog consistently know, is an enormous pet peeve for me.

You see, her Renegade team leader is also moonlighting as The Sentinel, another masked crusader. He’s out to find who killed his mother, the superhero Lady Indomitable. He loves his adoptive dads, but still needs to know (fair).

Secret identities, secrets, and lies abound. I enjoyed this more than I usually enjoy hidden-identity books, but then again, I am a super hero sucker.

Objective Hearts: 3/5

Subjective Hearts: 4/5

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