I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest | Book Review

Rating: 8/10

Format: Audio-book – Library

This book was the exact brain-bleach I needed after finishing “My Absolute Darling,” which still has me shuddering. I Am Princess X is interesting, fast-paced, mysterious but not confusing, and it revolves around female friendship. This book is earning a lot of points already!

May and Libby have been best friends forever, as far as they’re concerned. They start writing about Princess X in elementary school, and by the time they’re in middle school, they’ve filled folders, boxes, and notebooks with stories and pictures, stored in Libby’s big closet. Then, Libby dies in a car accident with her mother.

May is devastated, and desperately tries to reclaim the Princess X stories, but they’re gone, along with Libby’s dad. May dreams that Libby survived the car accident, but that’s not possible.

Then, years later, May sees a sticker. It’s her. Unmistakably, it is Princess X. But who made the stickers and patches she starts seeing all over Seattle?

With the help of some adorable and weird new friends, May is determined to find out.

It was a sweet, quick read. I admit to shedding a few tears near the end. This book avoids the Love-Because-Love trope, even though Priest could have easily shoved Trick and May together just for funsies. The kids are smart but are still kids, which is refreshing. May’s loyalty and dedication to Libby is heartwarming and admirable.

While I did predict the ending, I did not predict how we were going to get there, and I wasn’t disappointed. This would be a good book for someone to read with their pre-teen or to give to a 13+ kid, or just read as an adult!  I listened to the audio-book, but there are also illustrations, which I’m going to have to look up!

Subjective Hearts: 4/5

Objective Hearts: 4/5


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