Queen of Hearts and Blood of Wonderland by Colleen Oakes | Book Review

Rating: 6/10

Format:  Audio-book – Library


I enjoy Wonderland as a setting. I think there’s a lot you can do with it and it gives a certain amount of freedom to be bizarre. Oakes takes advantage of that with creative environments and lush descriptions. I’m writing about these two together because A) they should have been one book and B) really, I’m not going to read the third one, so may as well save myself the trouble.

Unfortunately, I predicted nearly every plot point in this book, and our protagonist is difficult to like.

Here were some things I knew halfway through the first book:

  1. There’s no way the king is her bio dad.
  2. Cheshire is probably her bio dad.
  3. Faina Baker is Vittiore’s mom.
  4. Wardley is either not into women or not into Dinah.

All of my guesses were confirmed by the end of the second book. I mean, I like feeling smart that I figured out what was going to happen, but this was a bit much.

Dinah is an exhausting protagonist. She’s got an insane temper, she’s selfish, childish, and impulsive. It was so upset by how she treated Vittiore.  This made me kind of bonkers– it’s not Vittiore’s fault she exists. Dinah seems to literally hate her because Vittiore is prettier. She’s your sister, at least in that you both have to deal with the king. I did not predict that she was a straight-up rando. I totally believed that the king cheated on the queen.

Even as we follow her through the twisted wood and into the Tribe, I don’t really feel like she manages to grow all that much. She still does stupid, impulsive things. Like going to the hookah-smoking, poison-blowing, caterpillar a few days before they’re supposed to like– take back Wonderland.

I didn’t necessarily hate this. Most of the things in the book made sense– it was just incredibly predictable.

Also, I read Marissa Meyer’s “Heartless,” last year, and thought it was incredible. Go with that one instead, guys.

Subjective Hearts: 3/5

Objective Hearts: 3/5

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