Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor | Book Review

Rating: 9/10

Format:  Audio-book – Library

I really wish my review could just say “Read It,” and that would be the whole review, because this book wrecks me every time I read it. There’s so much going on, and the writing is so good, and the several romances aren’t painful or fake.

It’s so easy for me to write reviews of books I disliked– I find it much more difficult to articulate why and how a book ends up meaning so much to me. I think part of it is that I struggle with some of the same things Karou and Akiva struggle with– actually I think we all struggle with. The questions of who we are, what’s right and what’s wrong, and whether we deserve love. What does forgiveness truly mean?

It’s unusual to meet new, important characters in a third book, but I never regret the inclusion of Eliza Jones, Grudging Prophet and Biologist. I know a few people who didn’t enjoy her being introduced this far along in the story, but she’s just so awesome, I can’t help but accept her with open arms. I also love the Stellian angels, because they are super-cool and have a fascinating back story. Also, they’re kind of creepy. Who doesn’t love creepy angels, eh?

One of my favorite things Taylor does is make Karou incredibly human. She’s sad, she falters, she looks messy, she’s traumatized. She doesn’t let love-because-love throw her back into Akiva’s arms.

Take note, writers everywhere: waiting three books for a second kiss is good relationship writingIn the first book, Karou and Akiva display some of the hollow romance nonsense– they’re drawn to each other– can’t stop looking at each other, etc etc. However, they don’t proceed to drop literally everything to stay together for no apparent reason. It’s basically my number one pet peeve when characters betray their best friends or families to be with a stranger. Karou and Akiva continue, in the third book, to be way cooler than that.

My tiny critique of this book is about our friend Mik. He’s a cardboard boyfriend. Zusanna is so bright and loud that you almost don’t notice her quiet boyfriend who follows her literally into other worlds. There’s a lot happening in these books, but devotion to his girlfriend isn’t really an actual personality trait. I had to dig for this critique.

Also, the humor in these books is so creative and adorable. Much of it comes from embracing the utter absurdity of their situation, but it seems like things I might actually say, which is always kind of fun.

This book is a stunning conclusion to a trilogy incredibly close to my heart. My only complaint about it really is that it’s well set up for there to be a fourth book, or another series. Honestly if my only real dig is that there isn’t more? Yeah, these are good books. Go read it. Go read it. Go read it.

Subjective Hearts: 4/5

Objective Hearts: 5/5

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