The 10 Heart Rating System

Scores on my site are out of 10 Hearts, 5 Objective and 5 Subjective:

Objective Hearts: 

♥ = Fanfiction is Better (TBH, I’ve read some 5-Heart Fanfic, but that’s not the point). Misspellings, grammar problems, and shoddy writing abound here. The story is difficult to find under the linguistic struggle. This book is technical nonsense. Most of this lives in the self-published portion of Amazon.

♥♥ = Passable as a Published Book. Book is confusing, words and descriptions are cliches, sentences may go on too long. These books are quotable in a bad way. Twilight is a good example of a two-heart book.

♥♥♥ = I’m Not Embarrassed to Like This! It’s pretty good! It won’t win any awards, but it reads smoothly enough that I can forget I’m reading and get absorbed. This book is probably not poignant, but still a solid book.

♥♥♥♥ = A Darn Good Book. This book is solid from a technical standpoint, and the story is well-crafted. The prose is probably lovely and it’s quotable in a good way.

♥♥♥♥♥ = True Classic. This is a technically beautiful book that means something or captures an important part of the human experience. This book has it all. It has the makings of a true classic.

Subjective Hearts: 

♥ = This Book Offended Me and I Stopped Reading. This year, a book called “Off to Be The Wizard,” got this illustrious categorization by editing out the possibility of female characters with a single hand-wavey sentence. Gross. This is why I don’t have one-star books on my Goodreads– I don’t finish them.

♥♥ = Do Not Recommend. Usually books get the two-star if I had trouble rooting for the main character, the baddies won for no good reason, or the book was legitimately boring. The book “Glitter,” got a two-heart rating this year for having a mind-bogglingly unlikeable main character and a plot that I didn’t care about.

♥♥♥ = What’s Next? This book didn’t strike me as bad, but it also didn’t strike me as a great read. I probably won’t ever recommend it, but it wasn’t memorable. Unfortunately, a lot of books fall here. If it’s part of a series my chances of continuing are basically a coin toss. If the sequels are readily available I’ll probably just read them.

♥♥♥♥ = Book Club Worthy. Yes, I’m a member of a Young Adult Book Club. These books were solidly recommendable, and I want to talk about them!!! These books have something interesting going on, and probably some kissing.

♥♥♥♥♥ = I Need More. These types of books are few and far between but they touch my soul when they happen. I get attached to the world and the characters! I’ve been swept up in the story and the romance! I probably own these books just so that I can hug them. These are the books that make me cry. On rare occasions a non-fiction book lands in this category– “The Radium Girls,” made it here this year.